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Family Owned & Operated

Family Owned & Operated


Custom Care Cleaning was officially started in 2006 with the goal of providing it’s valued clients with service and results that were beyond their expectations. We are committed to providing outstanding service and the best results possible by using experienced service specialists and top notch equipment and cleaning agents. We refuse to cut corners that result is sub-par results, or puts our beloved clients valued possessions at risk. You see, that’s where most cleaning companies go wrong. They hire cheap labor, buy cheap cleaning agents, buy cheap equipment, and get cheap results. That’s one of the main differences that separate us from our “competition”. Read More about Custom Care Cleaning









Joe Naleck

Owner / Master Textile Cleaner

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Hi there, this is Joe Naleck, I’m the owner and operator of Custom Care Cleaning & Restoration. We are a family owned company that operates in the Chicago-land area. I have been cleaning textiles for over 20 years! (doesn’t seem that long) I got my start in this field working for my uncle who has been operating his carpet and upholstery cleaning business in Chicago since 1985 (he began cleaning in 1967 I believe). I learned many “trade secrets” from old time cleaners while working at my uncle’s company. A lot of this stuff they don’t teach you in classes, but it works! Once I had a firm grip on the “how” part of cleaning textiles, I wanted to know the “why” part. Why does this or that work for removing or correcting specific problems. So, from there I began taking formal courses and classes to obtain that knowledge. I also acquired many certifications in various elements of the trade after completing tests and demonstrating my knowledge for each course. I have been certified by the IICRC (a recognized authority in the cleaning & restoration field) and by other associations in residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning & maintenance, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, natural stone cleaning & maintenance, odor control & deodorization, water damage restoration, smoke & fire damage restoration, carpet repair and re-installation, color repair (dyeing of textiles), fine rug care & cleaning, leather cleaning & repair, and hard surface maintenance. Wow, that’s a lot and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. All of these earned me first the title of journey man textile cleaner, and eventually Master Textile Cleaner.