We get fantastic results because the cleaning systems used are tailored to the job at hand. We don’t have a “cookie cutter” approach to cleaning and/or restoring your textiles. What works at your home, may not work so well at your neighbors house. Sure, we have our “go to” cleaning agents that do a fantastic job on the specific situations we use them for, but even they won’t perform if they’re used in the wrong situations. See, what we use to cut the grease in a restaurant, wouldn’t work as well in an office because the soil load is different. Nowadays they make a variety of cleaning agents, spotters, rinses, and so on. We have spent the time, and done the testing. We know what works. And just as importantly, we know what doesn’t work. We have tested many brands and styles of cleaners and spotting agents and they don’t all work the same. As a matter of fact, we can’t even say one brand is better than the others. We found one manufactures rust remover works well on residential nylon, but their ink remover  does not work so well. We save you the time an hassle of dealing with the ones that don’t work, and the ones that will damage your fibers. Yes, some professional spotters could damage certain types of carpet in certain conditions, but we know better! We use the proper spotter on the right type of stains that are on a specific type of carpet and get fantastic results. The bottom line is we tailor our cleaning methods and cleaning agents to suit the job, and we have the training and experience to deliver professional results every time.