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Some of Our Outstanding Customer Reviews



“They were great. I would definitely use them again. I have some kind of sensitivities and concerns about chemical odors. They were very helpful with making sure that there would be no problem and they were very understanding. They also did a beautiful job with the carpets including getting out some pet stains, which was appreciated. The owner himself spoke with me about the chemical sensitivities and was very understanding. I appreciate that he was so accessible. I had actually been looking for a new company for carpet cleaning and I was really happy to find them.”



“Firstly, if there were a way to give Joe a higher rating than an A for responsiveness, professionalism, etc, I absolutely would.  I am a Realtor and had a unit from which a tenant had just vacated.  The owners of the unit were left with carpet that hadn’t even been vacuumed in one year.  Joe was so prompt with his replies and did everything he could to accommodate my sense of urgency, I cannot thank him enough. The job that was done was fantastic, too.  The carpet looks great!  I now have a new “carpet guy” to refer to my fellow agents and my clients.  Thanks, Joe!”




“I took advantage of the deal they had. They did a great job and were very accommodating of all my requests. They made my very soiled microfiber sofa look like new again! I was very pleased and can recommend them without hesitation.”




“Great job.  Very high quality cleaning.  Better than other “chain” providers we’ve used before.  Very professional.”




“Four days after installing new carpet, I spilled a dark green breakfast smoothie on my new living room carpet.   The smoothie was a mixture of spinach, carrots, cherries, banana and flax seed.  I called two service providers.  Joe from Custom Care Cleaning was the most knowlegable and responsive.  He clearly is a “textile expert”.  The stain was completely removed and looks brand new.  They dried the carpet after cleaning the stain to ensure it did not reappear once the carpet was dry.  They also gave me a bottle of stain remover.  I will definitely be using this company to clean my carpet.  Another factor that was so impressive was how fast they came out.  Thanks Joe & Rick.”




“Deodorized, steam cleaned and stain guarded 625 sq ft of flood damaged basement wall-to-wall, 14 steps, 190 sq ft of  enlosed porch carpeting, plus clean two interior area rugs.  What a fabulous experience!  Joe, the owner, and his assistant Alex arrived exactly time and were very pleasant to talk to and very professional doing their job in every way.   The first thing I noticed when they arrived was that their truck was clean and everything inside was neat and organized…a positive indication of the pride that they took in their work.  I liked the fact that they donned fiber booties before entering the house and very careful as they brought their hoses and equipement in.   After moving the furniture, they vacumed everything and then sprayed on an industrial anti-microbial solution to kill any mold and odor causing bacteria (our basement was flooded with six inched of water).   As Alex steam cleaned the carpets, he would apply a “secret” stain remover to the tough soiled spots that would not come off by steam only.  A soil guard was then applied after the cleaning.  The whole process took about three hours, and man, my wife and I were VERY pleased and impressed with the results and experience.  All the carpets they worked on were odorless and virtually spotless.  We would hire Custom Care Cleaning and Restoration again without any reservation and do heartily endorse them!”




“It went great.  They did a fantastic job.  Very professional, very courteous.  Very pleased.”




“What a pleasure to work with Custom Care Cleaning! I am so impressed by the how they completed our carpet cleaning. They look like new! A difficult task after being soiled with coffee stains, toddler stains and dog stains. They were very easy to work with, quick to respond and schedule and reasonably priced. Rick and Bernardo were on-site and completed the job in about an hour and a half. They were very cordial and professional as well as answered my questions. They also offered recommendations for a small tear in our carpeting. Very pleased with every part of the process and would absolutely use them in the future.”




“Cleaned carpets and then deodorized. Did a nice job and were very careful not to hurt the furniture. We added on them cleaning a soft and it looked  new after they left. The crew called before arriving and was very thorough and prompt. We felt that the value was good and they didn’t try to oversell anything to us.”




“We were very pleased and they were right on time. They were very efficient and did a beautiful job. I would highly recommend them. They gave me some good advice on how to maintain the floor afterwards. Their price was excellent.”




“Two men showed up and were very professional and courteous. I had scheduled them to clean my tile and grout, but they also offered to clean my carpets, which I accepted. The price was reasonable and the service was excellent. I would definitely use this company’s services in the future.”




“I have saltillo tile in my kitchen and it is a real challenge to keep the grout clean.  I took advantage of a special to bring in Custom Care Cleaning & Restoration to power clean and reseal the grout.  The worker who arrived at my house was very professional. He explained the process and how long it would take (under 2 hours).  The grout looks 100% better and it has been easier to maintain since I had this work done, 3 months ago.  I would definitely use Custom Care again in the future and I have no qualms about recommending them to others whose tile needs some TLC”




“CCC was one of the vendors I called when our basement flooded in June 2013.  Flooding was severe in our area and restoration companies were being inundated with calls. CCC was the first provider to even call us back.  They were prompt and did a fantastic job getting the water out of the basement and getting the carpet dry.  Their prompt response enabled us to save our carpet and drywall.  Our insurance adjuster was amazed at the work they did and was very complimentary of their professionalism.   I would highly recommend this company.”




“Cleaned several cat stains out of my hall carpet and stairs as well as 3 runners. I had bought one of their prepaid coupons, so I was curious as to how they would react. Every last bit of kitty poo and stain was removed. They did a wonderful job and were very polite and punctual.”




“Our sump pump and back up sump pump failed and as a result, the sump filled and overflowed, the exterior drain tiles filled and overflowed and the overflow ran through the foundation bleeders and across our basement floor, saturating the carpet about 6′ around the entire basement perimeter.  CCC had just cleaned our carpet about two months prior and we liked them and called them for this job.  They were very timely and saved our carpet from needing replacement as a result.  They came in, assessed the situation (checking for mold, water content in the drywall, etc.), removed trim, lifted carpeting, removed, disposed of and replaced saturated padding, brought in huge blowers to dry out the room, helped us with hiring and coordinating with a drywall contractor to replace damp drywall and re-tacked, cleaned and sanitized the carpets.  Unfortunately, I have had the same work done before for a similar disaster (which resulted in the purchase of the Aquanot back up sump pump that ultimately failed when needed…go figure) and I can tell you that CCC’s price was materiallly less than the previous contractor.  CCC was fast, efficient, and pleasant to work with…they have my highest recommendation.”




“Custom Care Cleaning & Restoration was great. Joe was very responsive and flexible in scheduling the appointment and the work was done in a timely, professional manner. We do not have the highest quality carpeting in our house and it’s a light color so I had low expectations, especially since there was considerable discoloring from heavy wear and tear and an odor in two rooms from the dog (he had urinated on several spots and that odor usually doesn’t come out). They were upfront and honest about what I could expect for results, particularly on the heavily stained stairs and the odor. The results were excellent. All the rooms looked great — even the stairs! — and the odor from the dog was gone from one room and almost gone from the other. It’s continued to fade since we had the carpets cleaned so we were spared replacing the carpet in that room for the time being. We will definitely use Custom Care again when we need carpet cleaning and I took additional cards for referrals. Would also look into their other services if/when we need them.”




“They were prompt and courteous.  They were informative and explained each step they were providing.  My wife was extremely satisfied with their professionalism and the overall results.  She was so satisfied that she’s recommended them to some of our friends.”




“Joe from Custom Care Cleaning & Restoration was excellent!  Very customer service oriented, reliable and prompt.  I purchased 2 of their “Deals” online.  One for 4 Rooms of carpeting cleaned, deodorized and protected, and the other Deal was for Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing.  Both were purchased on July 29th, and I heard from Joe within 24 hours.

He estimated that it would take 3-4 hours to complete both services, and we scheduled the work for Friday, August 9th.  On Tuesday, August 6th, I needed to reschedule the appointment, and Joe very graciously agreed to reschedule for Friday, August 16th around 11 AM.  On the day before the appointment, Joe called to confirm.  On the day of the appointment, Joe called to let me know that the client before me wanted to add on several things  which would result in him being later than originally scheduled.

I had absolutely no problem with this… and suggested that we reschedule.  Note:  after seeing the work of Custom Care Cleaning & Restoration, I totally understand why the previous client decided to add more… in fact, I ended up doing the same thing!

We rescheduled for Wednesday, August 21.  Joe called the night before to confirm, as well as the day of to confirm his ETA.

Things went wonderfully!  Joe and his assistant worked quickly and efficiently… even my dog liked them!  The carpets look great, the area rug looks brand new (a miracle since the carpet is green, and I have a big white, extremely furry dog in residence), and the tile floors are sparkling!

I will definitely use Custom Care Cleaning & Restoration again.  Next time, for my upholstery!  😉 ”




“Went well.  They were prompt, quick but thorough.  The explained what they were doing and two different approaches to cleaning were required for two different pieces of furniture due to the fabric.   They also recommended other areas in my home relative to stone cleaning of my fireplace and tile that they can help with and after comparing prices, have decided to hire them to do the job.”




“Owner and associate were very pleasant and easy to work with.   They called before coming and were prompt in arrival.   Their estimate for work duration was “on the money.”   They were very professional and careful of furniture, walls, etc.   Would gladly use them again for any future carpet cleaning needs.”




“They were prompt in getting back to me with a service date and showed up on time, which is always appreciated.  IT had been several years since the last cleaning and I was amazed that they were able to get out the extensive pet stains that were in the carpet.  It looks amazing – significantly brighter and so much cleaner than before – not to mention that it smells great!.  Rick was great to work with – very professional and courteous.  In addition to the stain removal, wall to wall carpet cleaning and Scotchguarding, they  also cleaned an area rug for me.  I am very, very happy with their work and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”




“Two guys came in to clean the ceramic tile in my kitchen, bathroom and hallway that I purchased through the big deal.  They also said that they did rugs as well.  They were able to make an expensive white rug that had been stained and discolored throughout the years look almost brand new again. They came in very professional and were careful in bringing in the tools to the do cleaning.  They went above and beyond just doing a great job of cleaning the tiles.  They also showed me how to repair a tile that had been broken and worked to clean out the old grout that the previous owner had put on in a sloppy manner and we had to cover with a carpet.  They also made an old expensive carpet look great again (and put extra time in sewing up a rip).  My wife was really happy when she got home because this was a carpet that she received from her parents that had been in the family for a while.  Great job!!”




“They cleaned my carpet & it looked so much better than I thought it ever could. They were very professional & explained thoroughly what to do and the dryng time usually necessary. I am very pleased with the job they did & will refer them to my friends & use them again. It went great, no need to purchase carpeting after they cleaned it which is what I thought might be necessary. I am glad I found them.”




“I have nothing but praise for this company.  They cleaned all my capet beautifully and carefully.  They were knowledgable and pleasant and helpful. Everything went exactly as it should.  My only regret is that I didn’t know about them years ago or I wouldn’t have ever used anyone else.”




“Cleaned all the carpets in my home and cleaned the grout in three areas of my home. Joe was very friendly and returned my call promptly.  He then came out to talk to me and to look at the carpets and areas to be cleaned.  He provided me with an estimate and I called to schedule a day for the services. Joe and his crew did an awesome job.  They got stains out that I thought would never come out of some of my carpets.  They answered any of my questions and did above and beyond what I expected them to do.  I would definitely use them again.  I would also highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional carpet cleaning service to call and speak with Joe.”




“They arrived in the time frame that they gave me.  They vacuumed, and steam cleaned my carpet which had not been cleaned in many, many years.  Joe the owner explained the different products that were used and why they used them.  They treated a grease spot left by an old recliner, and the main traffic area in my living room and hallway.  By the next day the spot was gone and my thick 8 year old carpet was dry and looks and feels brand new.  I would definitely use them again.”




“The cleaners at Custom Care are very professional and they do a really great job. They are meticulous. Their prices are reasonable and the quality of their work is great. I would use them again in the future.”